Volume 23.1 (2015)

1. Politics of Postmodern Multiculturalism in Shaun Tan’s The Arrival: Reconfiguring the Subject as a Nomad
Ladislava Khailova
pp. 1-16 [PDF]

2. Affective Strategies, Emotion Schemas, and Empathic Endings: Selkie Girls and a Critical Odyssey
John Stephens
pp. 17-33 [PDF]

3. Parent, Child and State in Chinese Children’s Books
Lijun Bi, Xiangshu Fang and Clare Bradford
pp. 34-52 [PDF]

4. Gay Subversion: Young Men Seeking Safety in Heterotopic Spaces
Peter Mountney
pp. 53-72 [PDF]

5. Productive Anxieties: Lostness in The Arrival and Requiem for a Beast
Erica Hateley
pp. 73-86 [PDF]

Volume 23.2 (2015)
Special issue on Emotion in Children's Literature
Guest editors: Elizabeth Bullen, Kristine Moruzi, and Michelle J. Smith

1. Introduction: Emotion in Children's Literature
Elizabeth Bullen, Kristine Moruzi, and Michelle J. Smith
pp. 1-3 [PDF]

2. ‘Something of You that You Couldn’t Tell Me with Words’: Music, Affect, and Social Change in Gregory Maguire’s I Feel Like the Morning Star and Emma Trevayne’s Coda
Elizabeth Braithwaite
pp. 4-20 [PDF]

3. Boy Meets Music: Affective and Ideological Engagements in David Levithan’s
Boy Meets Boy, Love is the Higher Law, and Two Boys Kissing
Rebecca Hutton
pp. 21-37 [PDF]

4. Storytelling and Affect in Sonya Hartnett’s The Children of the King (2012)
Rose Miller
pp. 38-52 [PDF]

5. Inertia to Action: From Narrative Empathy to Political Agency in Young Adult Fiction
Lindsay Morton and Lynnette Lounsbury
pp. 53-70 [PDF]